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Hello there. This Sunday, January 27th, I will be at the Sumner Bridal Show at Epic Event Center in Gallatin, TN from 12 to 4 pm. If you haven’t signed up, please do so! There are going to be some great vendors…including me!

Visit the site for more information: www.sumnerbridal.com


Last week, I had the pleasure to work with Justin Weyman and Nick Timblin on a video for my favorite restaurant, Ricardo’s. If you have never had a chance to go, you need to stop everything you are doing this moment and go! Justin and I eat there at least once a week during our lunch breaks at work…it is only 1 minute away from us.

We have been telling them we wanted to create a website and video for them. They finally let us. So check it out! You will definitely want some food after watching the video.

Visit their website: www.ricardosgallatin.com


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