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Such an awesome idea for a Father’s Day gift! Erin, the mother, asked if we could do a video as her husband’s gift for Father’s Day! I said, “Sure we can!” Her husband thought we were filming for something else, so he had no idea it was all for him! Happy Father’s Day 2014!

I was asked by a current Senior at Gallatin High School that I know through church to help film a music video about the team making the playoffs. We only had two hours to make it happen on a Thursday night, and they needed it edited by Friday night. We were able to make it happen! And I was able to get it edited and completed at a perfect time…right after their victory in Round 1 of the playoffs! The video currently has over 13,000 views! Awesome. We are pleased with the end product, especially with the super short time frame! If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, please do!

I recently had the pleasure of writing an article about LJP and my background. Hopefully you got to see me on the cover and read my article! I am not a writer, but I enjoyed sharing my story on starting LJP and what you can do to start your own business. This has sparked a small fire in me to start writing more. So you will be seeing more blog posts from me.

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Well Christmas has come and gone. I hope everyone enjoyed it! Don’t forget you can have the Christmas Spirit all year long…a little corny I know. It is the truth though. It is always good to love and to give, year round.

Be good to one another!


What makes you happy? I know making videos and filming makes me happy.

50% of happiness is made up of genetics, 10% circumstances (income, job, where you live), and the final 40%? It comes from intentional activities.

So do what makes you happy if you aren’t. If you haven’t found out what you enjoy, keep searching! You will find it. I can film your journey if you want. Hehe.


Well I made the pick. Went well. Got to even meet Roger Goodell. Good times, good times.


This is an amazing experience. Thanks Tennessee Titans!!!


Well, the NFL Draft starts tomorrow, and I announce the 4th Round pick on Saturday around noon. Let’s hope for a great pick!

I won the contest for the Tennessee Titans! Yesterday was a crazy day! I thought I would have to wait until Friday to see who won, but they called me one hour after the contest ended.

I would like to thank everyone that voted and watched the video. I would also like to thank all the others in the Top 10…very talented and nice people. I couldn’t asked for a better experience.

I will update this blog with some pictures and video from the whole experience, so keep checking back.

PS Here is a link to the News Channel 5 story that aired last night:

I love the Tennessee Titans.

This contest mixes two of my biggest loves: video and Tennessee Titans! If I win, I will win a trip for two to New York City for the 2012 NFL Draft. I will get to announce the Titans’ 4th round draft pick. Super exciting. Hope to win, but I need your help. If I make it to the Top 10 videos, the one with the most votes will win.

Here is the video:

Please watch and share and then vote if I make it to the Top 10. Just by voting, you can possibly win a trip to NYC for two, gift cards, autographs, etc.  Win-win for all!



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