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What a beautiful couple! So much geniune love!

I have been looking forward to this wedding all year! I have known Hollie for years and was excited to film her and Chris’ Big Day! This was also the first time someone had a UT helmet and wore it! These people were obviously not UT fans. Hehe. I think the donkey during the ceremony was a fan too!

Another one of my beautiful cousins got married! Congrats to Marcie and Joseph! The wedding was held at my uncle and aunt’s home! Perfect day, even with the rain!

I was so happy to be able to film my cousin Alyssa’s wedding! And I am even more happy with how much Ben loves and cares for her!

The love this beautiful couple shares is obvious…no denying they are meant to be together! Katie and Tyler, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your “Big Day.”

I know Katie and her family from church, so I was more than willing and excited to be a part of the wedding. I was honored to be asked.


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